Ground Engineering in the UK - An Introduction


The ground engineering market in the UK & Ireland is rapidly growing. This course will cover basic ground engineering design methods and construction techniques. It will focus in particular on simple grouting (including bulk infill), mini-piles, soil nails and ground anchors. Recent case histories and CD videos will be used to illustrate how ground-engineering techniques can provide solutions to complex geotechnical problems.

Aims & Objectives:

The course will enable delegates to understand basic ground engineering design methods and construction techniques together with good practice, so that they can apply their knowledge with confidence.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Interpret site investigations, including the potential risks.
  • Understand the importance of the ground water regime.
  • Assign geotechnical design parameters.
  • Undertake simple mini-pile, soil nail and ground anchor designs.
  • Prepare simple mini-pile, soil nail and ground anchor specifications.
  • Decide upon appropriate ground engineering drill rigs & drilling systems.
  • Choose the correct concreting or grouting techniques.
  • Know how to correctly control the construction process.
  • Understand how to undertake mini-pile, soil nail and ground anchor tests and interpret the results.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction & history of ground engineering in the UK
  • Site investigations for ground engineering
  • Ground Engineering Design (mini-piles, soil nails & ground anchors)
  • " Specifications and design standards in the UK & Europe
  • Ground engineering drill rigs & drilling systems
  • Grouting & concreting processes & associated plant
  • Ground engineering case histories including CD videos
  • Testing
  • The day will be made up of several presentations, each followed by short calculation exercises. The course tutor will provide correct answers to each exercise and take the delegates through them.
  • Discussion from attendees will be actively encouraged.
  • CD Videos of ground engineering case histories will be used throughout the day to illustrate the areas covered.
  • The final multiple-choice exercise revisits the key elements from the whole day.
  • 'Lots of information & good info for future work'
  • 'Very good course'
  • 'Very good overview of good practice'
  • 'Understanding of practical uses of anchors, piles, etc'
  • 'Practical examples & experience of tutor very helpful'
  • 'A good introduction to piling and anchoring systems'


Intended For:

Anyone involved in construction who wishes to learn more about ground engineering (mini-piles, soil nails & ground anchors) in the UK & Ireland.

Complete a pre-course questionnaire highlighting:

  • Any ground engineering experience that you have
  • Any particular areas that you wish to be covered
  • This information will allow the course to be tailored to suit the attendees' experience.