Presentation Skills (1 day)


We have to give presentations in almost all walks of life; and especially when working within a business environment. The form of the presentation can be a quick 5 minute overview of a small project to a one lasting several hours that includes a full multi media suite and audio visual aids. The basic format of a presentation however will stay the same. This workshop will introduce you to that basic format and give you the skills, knowledge and ability to start to prepare and deliver presentations for your organisation.

Aims & Objectives:

The overall aim of this workshop is to enable delegates to design and deliver creative, clear, concise presentations, using a variety of visual and spoken medium. During the course delegates will:

  • Explore different presentation styles and try them out
  • Release inner blocks to being who you are in front of an audience
  • Consider language and how to make meaningful, powerful, compelling and attractive presentations
  • Appreciate the art and craft of state management
  • Explore content versus context, what to say and what kind of presentation best suits what kind of audience/subject
  • Take part in practice sessions through the workshop, be video-taped and receive constructive feedback

Course Outline:


  • Identify their own preferred presentation style and to match it to audience expectation
  • Build rapport across groups and interact with everyone in the audience using the language of words and gestures
  • Identify hecklers and handle the interaction with ease and diplomacy
  • Design and deliver a presentation that is interesting, attractive, concise, well managed and compelling to listen to
  • Give clear messages that last

Mode of Delivery:

The workshop is highly experiential and will include the following delivery methods:

  • 5 Minute mini-presentation
  • Syndicate and group discussion
  • Multiple use of visual aids
  • Flip chart and white board use

Intended For:

Anyone who wants to develop or improve their presentation skills whether it is for internal use or for external use during sales presentations for example.