In-House Course Information

In-House Training for Companies 

Standard courses 

The client requires a standard course, without amendments. 

Standard courses (with minor amendments) 

The client requires minor amendments or a change in emphasis to the standard course outline. This can involve adding/deducting certain sections or targeting the course content towards the client’s particular area of work.  Depending on the extent of the amendments either no fee or only an agreed small one off additional fee will apply. 

Bespoke courses  

This applies when a course is completely structured to satisfy a client’s specific needs. The course will be designed and developed from scratch to suit their requirements, often incorporating elements of the company’s systems, procedures or philosophy. This would normally attract an agreed one off additional development fee. 

All in-house courses are charged at an agreed daily rate, irrespective of numbers, but normally up to a recommended maximum of 16 delegates.  

Discounts are available on our standard course fees to clients who wish to confirm multiple bookings at one time.

Our policy is: 
  • 3 to 5 courses by 5%
  • 6 to 8 courses by 10%
  • 9+ courses by 15%

Symmons Madge Associates currently provides more than 400 in-house courses a year across the UK to consultants, contractors and local authorities, as well as many other organisations. The vast majority of our courses are delivered in the UK but we also respond to requests from UK based clients or clients based overseas who require training courses to be delivered overseas. The normal duration of our courses are from 09:30 to 17:00 with a 1-hour lunch break and two shorter breaks of 15 minutes, but this may be amended to suit client requirements.