Year in Industry: Evette's Testimonial

Year in Industry: A Testimonial

Name: Evette Slinger

University Course: Civil Engineering with a Year in Industry, Cardiff University

Year in Industry: HR Wallingford / Mott MacDonald

Period: HR Wallingford July 2013 – July 2014, Mott MacDonald July 2014 – September 2014

I initially chose to do a Year in Industry thinking it would be a good thing to have on my CV when I would come to applying for graduate jobs within highly competitive Civil Engineering companies; however, I feel I gained so much more than just this from my year.

Within my year in Industry at both HR Wallingford and Mott MacDonald, I gained large amounts of both technical and practical engineering knowledge and experience, additional to what I had previously learnt in my degree. I gained increased motivation to work harder within the final years of my degree, through seeing how this would help my future career.

Most importantly though to me, I gained a huge amount of life experience preparing me greatly for the final years of my degree and when I graduated. It took the whole extended year to understand what I wanted from my future career in Civil Engineering and how to adapt both my working and personal life to get this.

Prior to my Year in Industry I was student with average ability who enjoyed Civil Engineering but hadn’t yet been inspired to put my all into it. Post my Year in Industry, my grades went up and I was able to comfortably graduate with a First Class (Hons); I gained a great graduate job with Mott MacDonald and I now represent the Institution of Civil Engineers as this year’s Chairman’s Apprentice.

Throughout my Year in Industry I was strongly supported throughout by Symmons Madge Associates right from day one; particularly by Luan Al-Haddad. Luan was great at being able to provide guidance, support and encouragement throughout my year, which I was very thankful for.



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