Communication Skills (ICE Attribute No.6)

Our Communication Skills (ICE Attribute 6) course will enable you to improve your verbal & written communication skills.

Also available as an online training course.

Please note the online version of this training course will be split into modules.


Most people are not born communicators, however the ability to communicate with individuals and groups, both large and small, forms an increasingly significant aspect of conducting business, and of everyday life.  This one day programme will give delegates an opportunity to learn and practise key verbal & written communication skills to enhance their ability to get their message across.

Aims & Objectives:

By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the different communication skills used in business to effectively get your message across and how to overcome some of the major barriers to comprehension by the recipient
  • Describe how the use of non-verbal communication can enhance your message
  • Identify key business etiquette involved in different types of written communication and the correct use of the English language
  • Demonstrate how to get your key message across in a meeting.

Course Outline:

  • Welcome, introductions, overview and housekeeping
  • The communication process
    • The process of communication
    • The different mediums of communication
    • Barriers to effective communication
  • Non-verbal communication
    • Personal communication style
    • Key aspects of non-verbal communication
  • Written communication
    • The basics of the English language
    • Practical application
    • Business etiquette of letters, emails and reports
  • Meetings
    • Structure and process of meetings
    • How to ensure you get your message across
  • Action planning

Mode of Delivery:

The programme will involve:

  • Group & individual exercises
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Facilitator input

Intended For:


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