CDM Regulations and Compliance - 2015 Overview

Our CDM Regulations and Compliance - 2015 Overview course will provide delegates with an increased understanding of the requirements necessary for compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015 and is designed to give those attending an indepth appreciation of the H&S function that Duty Holders play in the construction process as set out in the CDM Regulations.


The Regulations will change the approach that Designers and the Contractors adopt to the incorporation of H&S into the construction process.  Consequently the Designer and Contractor has to be adept at obtaining positive co-operation from the other parties in discharging their duties.

End of course assessment.

Aims & Objectives:

The objective of this course is to confirm to the participants their responsibilities for health and safety within both the legal and contractual frameworks. It will introduce participants to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and outline the responsibilities of the Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor and Contractor and employees throughout the various stages of the construction process.

Course Outline:

  • Overview and developments
  • Application
  • Competence
  • Definition of construction work, demolition etc.
  • Duty holders and compliance
    o The Client
    • Managing the project
    • Provision of information
    • Appointments
    • Notification
    o The Designers
  • The role of the Principal Designer
  • The role of the Designer
  • Risk Management
  • o Duties of Contractors
    • The Principal Contractor
    • Health and safety on Construction Sites
    • Other contractors (including statutory undertakers)
  • The Information Pack
  • The construction phase plan
  • Cooperation and consultation
  • We will look at the implication on projects involving domestic clients


Benefits of Attending:

At the end of the course participants should have a clearer understanding of their responsibilities under the CDM Regulations and how those obligations should be met.

Intended For:

All Duty Holders with specific attention to Designers and Contractors.

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