An Introduction to Eurocodes 0 and Eurocode 1 for Building Designers

This course will explain how to use both EC0 and EC1 to determine the design loads and actions on a building.

The Eurocodes are now the British Standards for the design of structures. An understanding of Eurocode (EC0) and Eurocode 1 (EC1) is essential for building designers to be able to design using the material Eurocodes (EC2 to EC6).

Aims & Objectives:

This course enables delegates to:

  • Understand the design approach of the Eurocodes
  • Understand how the Eurocodes relate to each other and other European Standards
  • Be able to determine combinations of actions
  • Be able to establish the actions on a building due to:

    o Self-weight
    o Imposed loads
    o Snow
    o Wind
    o Thermal effects

  • Understand how to design a structure to resist accidental actions
  • Be ready to use the material Eurocodes correctly.

On completion of this course, delegates will understand the limit state principles of the Eurocodes and how to determine self-weight, imposed, wind, snow, thermal and accidental actions on a building.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Eurocode - Basis of Design (EN 1990) - including design exercise
  • Densities, self-weight and imposed loads (EN 1991-1-1) - including design exercise
  • Snow loading (EN 1991-1-3) - including design exercise
  • Wind loading (EN 1991-1-4) - including design exercise
  • Thermal actions (EN 1991-1-5) - including design exercise
  • Accidental actions (EN 1991-1-7)

Mode of Delivery:

The course is an interactive training day consisting of presentations interspersed with practical design exercises.

Benefits of Attending:

This course will make available to delegates the knowledge and confidence to be able to determine all the actions on a building structure when using Eurocodes.

Intended For:

This course is intended as an introduction to Eurocodes for Structural Engineers who design building structures.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Candidates should bring a calculator, pencil, ruler and eraser.

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