NEC4 Engineering & Construction Contract: An Introduction

The NEC family of contracts is used for a wide range of projects including civil engineering, process engineering and buildings.

Examining in detail the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract, this online training course offers practical advice and guidance. The course also provides a briefing on the family of contracts and all significant changes from NEC3.

Available as an online training course and an online in-house training course.

Aims & Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

• Appreciate the philosophy of the NEC3 family of documents

• Understand the more important clauses of the contracts

• Understand the role and responsibilities of the key parties.

• Appreciate how NEC4 contributes to the effective management of a project

Course Outline:

Brief Overview of the NEC4 family

• Engineering and Construction Contract

• Engineering and Construction Short Contract

• Term Service Contract

• Term Service Short Contract

• Design Build and Operate Contract

• Alliance Contract

• Supply Contract

• Supply Short Contract

• Framework Contract

• Professional Service Contract

• Professional Service Subcontract

• Professional Service Short Contract

• Dispute Resolution Service Contract


Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC)

The roles of the Parties and structure of the contract.

• Contractor, Project Manager and Supervisor

• Scope

• Site Information

• Contract Data


Early Warnings

• Why give early warnings?

• Format and content of early warning notices


Managing Programme

• The format and content of the Contractor’s programme

• Updating the programme


Payment Issues

• Assessment, certification and payment

• Payment methods under Options A to F.


Compensation Events

• Overview of Change Management

• Definitions of compensation events

• Time scales – Notification Procedures

• Quotations for Compensation Events

Mode of Delivery:

This course consists of lectures supported by interactive case studies.

Please note the online version of this course will be split into 4 modules

Intended For:

Practitioners who need an awareness of the concept and practical issues regarding the NEC Engineering & Construction Contract. 

Pre-Course Requirements:

It would be beneficial for delegates to come prepared to discuss any contractual issues from their practical experiences.

All our courses can be offered as in-house training

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