Designing Steel Building Structures: Eurocode 3An intensive CPD course for recent graduates and construction professionals employed on design work

This is an intensive online CPD course covers the design of steel structures in accordance with Eurocode 3, including the basis of design, determining design loads, designing members in tension, compression and bending, and the design of bolted and welded connections.

The aim of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the physical behaviour and limit state design of structural steelwork in accordance with EC3.

Aims & Objectives:

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine design loads in accordance with Eurocode 1
  • Design members loaded in tension – ties, truss chords, braces
  • Design members loaded in compression – columns, truss chords, struts
  • Design members in bending – beams, girders
  • Design connections – bolts. welds

Aims & Objectives:

  • Introduce the basic principles of limit state design and how they are applied in Eurocode 3.
  • Identify the common failure modes of steelwork elements and understand how these are allowed for in design to Eurocode 3.
  • Understand and be able to apply the procedures described in Eurocode 3 to the design of beams, columns, beam-columns, trusses and connections as used in simple frameworks.

Course Outline:

Module 1 – Determining loads

  • Background to the Code and limit state design
  • Local buckling and section classification
  • Design of members loaded in tension – allowances for connection detailing


Module 2 - Beams

  • Design of laterally-restrained beams
  • Design of laterally-unrestrained beams – lateral torsional buckling
  • Design example for beams
  • Workshop for beams


Module 3 - Columns

  • Members loaded in compression, effective length, slenderness ratio
  • Design of members subjected to combined compression and bending – interaction diagrams and equations
  • Design example for columns
  • Workshop for columns


Module 4 - Connections

  • Design of bolted connections
  • Design of welded connections
  • Design example for connections
  • Workshop for Connections

Mode of Delivery:

The content is delivered via virtual teaching rooms on Microsoft Teams, allowing engagement between the tutor and delegates. After the learning content for a particular topic is delivered, worked examples are presented by the tutor, with additional exercises set for the delegates to complete.

Intended For:

Recent graduates and construction professionals employed on design work.

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