Equality and Diversity Policy

Symmons Madge Associates is an equality and diversity organisation.

We value all our staff and recognise their contribution to the success of our business.  We treat them fairly and offer equal opportunities to progress with, and within, the company.

All our decisions on recruitment and selection, promotion, training or redundancy will be based entirely on merit and suitability.

We have established a culture of good communication whereby we feel confident that any member of staff could approach us if they had doubts about their own treatment or the treatment of others.  They could do so without fear of victimization and in the knowledge that any concerns would be attended to promptly and confidentially.

We will prevent harassment by all means available to us.  Harassment is frequently on grounds of gender, race or disability but it may also occur simply because someone is different.  If any incident of harassment comes to our attention we will investigate promptly and take action under the disciplinary policy if necessary.  We also encourage staff to use the company grievance procedure in the event of bullying or harassment.  Our aim will always be to resolve issues as near to the source of complaint and to protect the vulnerable.

We are confident that should discrimination occur in any area of the business, either directly or indirectly, on any grounds whatsoever that it would be swiftly brought to our attention.  We have developed a range of simple policies and guidelines to assist us in operating our policy and ensuring that we do not intentionally or unintentionally discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, age, disability, sexual preference, religion and human rights.  These policies are in the organisation handbook and we ask that each employee familiarizes themselves with their contents.