Ethical Business Code

Our vision is to become a trusted partner of valued clients – creating exceptional solutions.

In reaching this goal, our organisation and all of our people, are expected to behave in an honest, open and accountable manner, and to treat others with courtesy and respect.

This Ethical Business Code (“Code”) has been adopted by the Directors of SMA Ltd and sets the ethical standards and business behaviour expected from SMA, employees and those performing services for or on behalf of SMA in all relationships with clients, suppliers, competitors, governments, the communities we serve and all our stakeholders.

We all share responsibility for understanding and observing the laws relating to our areas of responsibility as well as living the SMA values and working to the standards within this Code.  This involves incorporating these standards into our day to day behaviour and, where local laws are less restrictive, following this Code.

SMA does not tolerate any form of corruption and is committed to complying with all applicable anti-corruption laws.

It is important that all employees are familiar with the detailed policies, procedures and regulations of SMA which can be found on our website under ‘About Us’.  Following these principles and guidelines will assist us to achieve our aim of inspiring trust and confidence in the people and organisations with whom we work.

In summary, we expect all of our employees and those performing services for us to:

Observe the applicable laws and regulations governing SMA’s business activities in each of the countries in which we operate and the terms of Code:

  • Act fairly, ethically and in a trustworthy manner in all SMA activities and relationships;
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest between their work for SMA and their personal affairs; and
  • Sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognised, valued and exemplified.

We cannot anticipate every potential scenario or problem that may arise within an ethical business code. Therefore, we rely on each employee and those performing services for us to act with integrity, to use their best judgement, and to deal with all situations ethically and responsibly.